This week will be my last week at Microsoft.

I’ve always been a Microsoft fanboy. I guess it was the right time (90s was the Microsoft decade) and the right place (Enterprise systems I was into) that made me get caught in the Microsoft net, and I’m thankful for that. Take a look this timeline and judge for yourself:

  • I started working with Microsoft technologies as a kid building stupid websites.
  • I did my MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) as a teenager during high school.
  • I joined the IDF Intelligence Corps and specialized in Microsoft technologies.
  • In my professional career I built myself as an expert in the Microsoft stack (SharePoint -> .NET -> Azure).
  • I was awarded MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) and MRD (Microsoft Regional Director).
  • I finally joined Microsoft as an employee in 2011.

In the past 7 years I’m with Microsoft. My current role as a Lead Cloud Solution Architect probably defines me more than anything else I’ve ever done. I love this company and I think today is probably the best time to work for Microsoft. I mean, look at all the amazing talent and thought leaders that are flowing into Microsoft; look at the overwhelming positive attitude of the industry towards Microsoft; look at the incredible change that Satya and the leadership team has done; look at the stock price :)
And yet, I decided to leave Microsoft. For me personally, it was the right thing to do. I wanted to evolve in ways that I probably couldn’t in the current organization; I wanted to focus and specialize in the technology that I love; I wanted to be a creator; I wanted to have greater impact; but most importantly - I wanted to find a purpose that will drive me and push me forward. I thought long and hard about this, and realized that most of what I enjoyed doing was around devops, containers and Kubernetes, and decided to pursue this passion. And then I found Codefresh.

Codefresh is a rising star in the containers and devops space. They (or should I get used to say we) build the best platform to build, test and deploy modern software based on containers, and Kubernetes. The product is a world-class CI/CD platform, the potential is endless.
My role in Codefresh will be a fusion of: Product envisioning and strategy, Technology evangelism and advocacy, and Customer facing engagements. I believe I have a lot to contribute in these areas, but I also think it’s a great opportunity for me to learn and grow in the position I’ll be in, the vibrant community I’m starting to become part of, and the amazing talent that’s in Codefresh.

Thank you Microsoft for a wonderful era in my life, and here’s to a new “fresh” start :)