Starting January 1st 2015, I am moving from my current position at Microsoft as a Senior Consultant in MCS to being a Cloud Architect in EPG. If you don’t work for (or closely with) Microsoft, this probably doesn’t mean much to you, so allow me to explain:

  • I am leaving the Services organization which is a highly technical and specialized group to the EPG (Enterprise and Partners Group) organization which is more business and performance oriented. That being said I am still having a technical role in EPG, and I am still the same geek you knew before :)
  • My day to day will be less about long term projects and delivery engagements, and more about Proof Of Concepts, knowledge transfer, architecture, and making sure customers are happy with Azure.
  • I am no longer a billable resource which means you don’t have to pay for my time. On the other hand, I am no longer in the professional services business so you can’t just buy or ask for a bunch of my time. My time will be now dedicated to customers who are strategic to Microsoft and have interesting Azure workloads.
  • My main area of expertise is no longer SharePoint. From now on my focus is Azure development. I plan to write on this transition in another post.

So here’s to 2015, I wish you all a great year!

Itay Shakury.