Lately with the rise of Azure Websites and the increased openness of Microsoft, I often find myself talking with customers about open source CMS systems for Azure Websites. Although there are hundreds of open source CMs systems, usually most of these discussions boils down to the choice between Wordpress and Umbraco. As Microsoft doesn’t have anything to compete in this arena, or any other preference it truly is an open discussion.

I know that Wordpress is way more popular the Umbraco, and that in fact Azure Websites offers a special kind of solution called “Scalable Wordpress” for pain free highly-available Wordpress implementation, so initially it sounded like a Wordpress is the default choice, but I wasn’t sure. Technically I really don’t know enough about either of them to compare, and I am not going to become an expert in both just to make a decision, so I turned to Google for the answer.

wp vs umbraco in google

I searched for “Wordpress vs Umbraco” and followed every single link in the first page of results. I have found a consensus that Wordpress is good mostly for blogs, or small and simple websites, and Umbraco is more versatile and robust. It seems that although Wordpress is more simple to use for the end user, Umbraco offers more. The general vibe that I get reading those article was that of respect towards Umbraco and of hesitation towards Wordpress. Given my natural tendency towards .net as opposed to php, my gut feeling was reassured that Umbraco will be my default choice for the next experiment.

Note: I don’t know or pretend to know anything about Wordpress or Umbraco, this was a vary naïve search and I wanted to share the results. Also, These are the result I got, and your’s might differ. I performed the search in October 20, 2014.